If you use Instagram on a regular basis, you’re well aware that you’ll reach more people if you use hashtags so others can find your photos… but it’s a pain to remember them all and type them into every single caption, especially since you can use up to 30 of them!

Most people I talk to have a Note on their phone with their frequently used hashtags so they can “quickly” Select All, Copy, toggle back to Instagram, and Paste them into their caption. (Say that three times fast.)

There’s an easier way to insert Instagram hashtags

What if I told you there’s a faster, less annoying way to insert your hashtags into Instagram? Today I’m going to walk you through using the iPhone’s text replacement feature to make your hashtagging life a million times easier.

Step 1: Create a List of hashtags

If you have a document on your phone that you currently use to copy/paste your hashtags into Instagram, you’re ready to go! If not, you’ll want to create a list of hashtags to use for your business. You can do this on your computer and email it to yourself (or use the Notes app if you’re a Mac user).

STEP 2: Create Your Shortcut

iPhone hashtag hack

Copy all of the hashtags from Step 1. Then go to your Settings app. Select General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.

This is your list of keyboard shortcuts. If you haven’t ever used this feature, it probably only shows you the default options like “omw” turning into “On my way!” (True story, when I first got my phone, my husband added  Voldemort = “You-Know-Who” to my text replacement list!)

On this screen, you’ll want to tap the + in the top right to create a new replacement. In the Phrase section, paste your Instagram hashtags.

In the Shortcut section, create a trigger word that will insert the hashtags. Make it something memorable but not common. I use nb1 because there’s no chance that I’ll accidentally type that phrase while emailing a client or texting a friend.

STEP 3: Party time!

Now for the time savings! The next time you post an image on Instagram, you can use your shortcut to easily insert your hashtags. Just type in the shortcut, and viola! Enjoy your newfound freedom.

Now that you know this cool hashtagging shortcut, you can create a few for all the different types of images you share on Instagram. For example, if you’re a photographer, you may have one set of hashtags for wedding images and another set for portrait sessions.

Hope this trick makes your social media life easier (and I’d love to see you on my Instagram!)

Tired of copying and pasting your hashtags into Instagram? Learn this super simple trick!