If you’re an online business owner, you’re likely part of one or two (dozen) Facebook groups to help you find clients, research your market, grow your business, or to keep your sanity because you work from home. They are a great place to build a tribe, learn new skills, and form connections. But sometimes, it really bites when I come across an amazing, insightful, interesting post from someone in these groups!

Let me explain… want to read MORE from that person, but I can’t seem to find more. I click on their profile photo which sends me to their personal page, and… that’s it. It ends there. Their privacy settings are so locked down that I can’t click on to their blog or business Facebook page.

Don’t let this happen to your potential customers!

It’s SO easy to fix, and it takes as little as 5 minutes to do. Get rid of the virtual dead end and drive more people to your Website or Facebook business page:

1. View your public profile

It’s always a good idea to check your public profile on occasion to make sure you’re not sharing personal information. To do that, go to your profile and click on the … next to View Activity Log. In the drop down menu, you’ll want to click View As…. This will open your profile page with a black bar along the top that says, “This is what your timeline looks like to: Public.”

how to send clients to your Facebook page

Things you’ll want to check while on this view:

  • That your posts and photo albums are as private (or public) as you intend them to be
  • That you aren’t sharing private email addresses or phone numbers on your About page
  • That your Intro on the left of your page is complete and shows your current work position (including a link to your business Facebook page)

If it’s in tip-top shape, congratulations! But if your audit of your public page showed that you need to make some changes, click the X on the left of the black bar at the top, and go to the next step.

2. Add your business information

Click on the About tab, then Work and Education. Here, you’ll be able to add a workplace and link to your business Facebook page. Make sure you set the privacy setting (the drop down box next to Save Changes) to public. Next, click on Contact and Basic Information. Make sure your Website is listed and the privacy is again set to public.

add your business to your Facebook profile

If you have any other jobs listed, I suggest that you keep those privacy settings to Friends or Only Me so your profile doesn’t get noisy.

3. Write your intro

Next, you’ll want to go back to your Timeline and edit the Introsection with a blurb about you and your business. You may want to add your Website here: it won’t be clickable, but it will be prominently visible.

optimize your facebook profile for business

4. Add featured photos

If you have professional, branded photos, you may choose to include them as featured photos. Or, if you’re trying to grow your followers on Snapchat, your Snapcode will fit perfectly in this space if it’s the only image.

5. View your public profile

Wait, didn’t we already do this step? Yes! But it’s always good to make sure that your changes saved and look exactly as you want them to, so we’re repeating the first step and inspecting our work. (Scroll up for the instructions, if you need them.)

Set a reminder to evaluate your social media profiles, both personal and business, every 6 months.

How was your Facebook audit? Find anything that you needed to update?

Learn how to connect your personal profile and your business page to help clients find you.