I didn’t want to send yet-another-email to your inbox (you’ve probably had more than a few over the last few days, yes?), so I thought I would take to the blog on Thanksgiving to thank my clients for a wonderful year. I truly appreciate them, and thank them sincerely for supporting my dreams and my family.

Without further ado, here’s a list of some of the amazing things my clients have accomplished this year:

Christina Scalera


What HASN’T Christina accomplished this year?!

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I’m not really into the whole resolution thing. I haven’t been awake to see the midnight festivities in years. And, right now, It really isn’t worth losing those precious zzz’s that are few and far between with a baby who doesn’t sleep in the house.

This year, I am relieved to see the end of 2015 (it was a rough one in so many ways) and energized by the possibilities ahead of me.

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